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Ad Lucem Law is an international legal and consulting practice based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

True to its meaning “to or towards light,” Ad Lucem Law brings clarity and resolution to legal challenges in emerging and regulated industries

Ad Lucem has been instrumental in supporting policy reform, constitutional challenges, and business development since its inception in 2013, earning founder Robert W.E. Laurie recognition as a skillful lawyer, valued industry consultant, and requested public speaker.

Legal, Consulting, & Public Speaking Services

Legal Practice

Access general counsel services to help you navigate legal, regulatory, and business challenges for emerging and regulated industries including cannabis, industrial hemp, psychedelic access, and cryptocurrency.

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Full-scope consulting services include strategic advising, business development, licensing and compliance, operations and global supply-chain, networking and strategic partnerships, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions with access to a team of international advisors.

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Founder Robert W.E. Laurie is an acclaimed international speaker, presenting at conferences and events in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia, and is a regular podcast guest. Topics of expertise include cannabis and psychedelics, drug reform, and international business development.

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Ad Lucem Law provides a broad scope of services and international reach with the personable approach of a boutique firm. Book a free consultation today and learn more about how we can illuminate legal solutions that best suit your needs.

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