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Engaging a lawyer with the right expertise and experience is essential for your business. Whether you are getting started or ready to scale and expand internationally, Ad Lucem Law will provide you with innovative and effective solutions at all stages of the business cycle.

What We Offer

Key Services

  • Strength in associated legal areas including corporate commercial, government, administrative, regulatory, and constitutional
  • High-quality legal and commercial advice
  • Drafting legal contracts and review of documents
  • Researching and interpreting points of law
  • Negotiating and advising strategic considerations
  • Representing clients in court and before administrative/adjudicative tribunals
  • Reputation for handling complex situations and innovative deals

Areas of Expertise

Access general counsel services to help you navigate legal, regulatory, and business challenges for emerging and regulated industries including cannabis, industrial hemp, psychedelics, and cryptocurrency. Ad Lucem Law has a proven record of supporting businesses working with Health Canada to obtain licensing and approvals under the Food and Drug Regulations, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Cannabis Act., and section 56 ministerial exemptions and the Special Access Program (SAP).


Good legal advice is the first step in determining whether a particular type of business model is appropriate for your situation, including proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, and trusts. Ad Lucem Law provides counsel and advises on aspects of commercial and business operations including starting new ventures, corporate compliance, strategic planning, due diligence, debt or equity financing, and buying or selling a business.


Ad Lucem Law assists clients in their dealings with regulators, law enforcement and administrative bodies, ancillary cannabis and psychedelic industry service providers in Canada and abroad including licensed professionals and researchers working with entheogens and Indigenous plant medicine, with a specialization in administrative and constitutional legal counsel.


Privacy and information law concerns the collection of laws that relate to the gathering, storage, and use of personal information. “Hacks and fraud” are the most significant threats confronting legal businesses and operators, particularly in regulated and emerging industries. Ad Lucem Law can help you navigate secure ways to collect and store data, including best practices and liability concerns.

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