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Ad Lucem Law Corporation was founded in 2013 by Robert W.E. Laurie. Robert’s legal practice focuses on commercial business, government, regulatory issues, and charter and constitutional legalities. 

He has a unique expertise in emerging a regulated industries which spans cannabis, psychedelic access, plant medicines, and cryptocurrency. In addition to legal advice and representation, Robert offers consulting and public speaking services.

Robert W.E. Laurie, Solicitor & Barrister

Founder & President, Ad Lucem Law Corporation

Robert graduated from the faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the University of British Columbia and earned his law degree from the University of Oxford. He has been practicing law since 2006, and is recognized as an accomplished lawyer, international consultant, and public speaker.

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"Legal problems are rarely defined and compartmentalized within a given practice area, hence the value of having specific and general insights across many industries and jurisdictions.”

-Robert W.E. Laurie, Founder & President, Ad Lucem Law Corporation