First Nations & Environment Law

Consulting Solutions

Ad Lucem Law works with First Nations people, government, and interest groups concerning inherent and constitutionally protected title and Treaty rights and provides counsel in support of Indigenous laws and governance. 

Robert has experience providing strategic advice to various Chief and Council including Indigenous rights and title, the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate, and has advised on negotiations with other entities and levels of government. Robert has advised clients in consultation matters, including negotiating, and drafting memoranda of understanding, participation and treaty land entitlement agreements, exploration agreements and other documentation related to activities involving First Nations people.

Experience and consulting services for First Nations & Environment Law include:

  • Land Title and Rights Protection
  • Aboriginal Rights (Cannabis, Hunting & Fishing, Firearms)
  • Environmental and Resources (Duty to Consult)
  • Treaty Review and Analysis
  • Cultural Heritage and Negotiations
  • Sovereignty and Self-Governance
  • Cannabis Licensing and Psychedelic Access

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